M.T. Ruhl is a prominent leader in commercial generator installation, serving Chester County, Montgomery County and Southeastern PA businesses,  including Audubon, Eagleville, Phoenixville, and the greater Norristown area. With 25+ years of dedicated service, we specialize in providing tailored, turnkey solutions that cater specifically to the unique demands of each business. 

Our “Wheels of Learning” approach and exclusive focus on Generac commercial generators position us as the go-to partner for reliable power solutions in Montgomery County.

A business owner is happy that he has backup power with a commercial generator when there's a power outage

Customized Generac Installations for Every Unique Business

Recognizing the diverse needs of different industries, M.T. Ruhl exclusively delivers Generac commercial generators, renowned for their customization abilities and innovative features. Generac’s commercial power solutions are designed to meet the varied requirements of Devon, Malvern, King of Prussia & Wayne businesses, ensuring that your backup power needs perfectly align with your business objectives.

Industries Benefiting from M.T. Ruhl’s

Commercial Backup Solutions

M.T. Ruhl’s dedication to powering businesses in Bucks, Delaware, Chester & Montgomery Counties region with Generac commercial generators extends across various industries. Each business in Blue Bell, Harleysville, Lansdale & Plymouth Meeting has unique power demands, and our tailored solutions ensure continuity and efficiency in operations.

Hospitality Industry

  • For hotels, resorts, and restaurants, especially in bustling areas like Audubon, Conshohocken & King of Prussia, a power outage can significantly disrupt service and guest experience. Our Generac generators provide the reliability to keep establishments running smoothly, ensuring guest comfort and operational efficiency.

Data Centers

  • In the digital age, data centers are the backbone of many businesses. Reliable power is crucial to protect data integrity and maintain uptime. Generac’s commercial generators offer the resilience and dependability to keep servers operational, safeguarding critical data against power interruptions.


  • In the telecommunications sector, consistent power is essential to maintain network infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted communication services. Generac’s reliable backup power solutions are vital for keeping communication lines open during power disruptions.

Retail and Shopping Centers

  • Retail businesses, from small boutiques in Montgomery County to larger soiree footage establishments around Southeastern PA, you cannot afford the downtime caused by power outages. Generac generators ensure that sales and customer service continue uninterrupted, preserving revenue and customer satisfaction.

Educational Institutions

  • Schools, colleges, and universities rely on consistent power supply for heating and technological needs in today’s digital learning environments. Generac generators provide the stability to prevent educational disruptions, ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • In manufacturing, even a brief power outage can halt production lines, leading to significant financial losses. Generac’s robust generators support these facilities by providing a reliable power source, ensuring continuous production and operational efficiency.

Real Estate and Residential Complexes

  • Residential communities and real estate developments in Conshohocken, Phoenixville, and the Norristown area rely on uninterrupted power for resident comfort and security. Generac generators provide a stable power supply, enhancing the quality of life and property value.

By providing reliable, customized Generac power solutions, M.T. Ruhl empowers these industries to operate without the fear of power interruptions, fostering growth and stability in Montgomery County and the broader Southeastern PA area.

M.T Ruhl installing a standby generator at a business in Chester County

Why Choose Generac Commercial Generators with M.T. Ruhl?

Generac generators stand out for their reliability, versatility, and advanced technology, making them ideal for businesses in Ambler, Fort Washington & Trooper. As a dedicated provider of Generac solutions, M.T. Ruhl ensures that your business benefits from:

  • Customizable Power Solutions: Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Innovative Technology: Stay ahead with the latest in generator advancements.
  • Reliable Performance: Generac’s reputation for dependability ensures your business stays powered, no matter what.

The Go-To Choice for Commercial Power Solutions in Montgomery County

M.T. Ruhl is not just an option for commercial generator installation in Montgomery County & Chester County; we are a dedicated partner in your business’s growth and continuity. Our unparalleled experience in Generac generators and commitment to service excellence make us the preferred choice for businesses throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding Philadelphia area.

Empower your business with M.T. Ruhl. Contact us today for a seamless and uninterrupted operational future.

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FAQs About Commercial Generator Installation

Generac generators are designed for commercial applications, offering customizable solutions to meet your business’s power needs

Regular maintenance, ideally annually, is crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, permits are typically needed. M.T. Ruhl assists clients in smoothly navigating the permitting process.

Installation timelines can vary, but M.T. Ruhl aims to complete most projects within a week, minimizing disruption to your business.

Our experienced team conducts a detailed assessment of your power needs, ensuring the Generac generator you choose perfectly fits your business in Montgomery County.